May 1, 2008

New Blog!!!!!

Hey everyone!! My new blog is finally up and ready!! YAY!!! So this will be my last post on this blog, but check out my new blog at

It's totally rad!! Yes, I did say rad, and yes, I did mean it!!!!

So I will see you all soon on my new blog!!!

April 16, 2008

Christine and Rob are Engaged!!

I had so much fun with Christine and Rob, and especially their super cute and very well trained puppy Q, yep that's it just Q. He stood by us for most of the portrait session and was a very good boy!!! Christine and Rob are both Texas Tech Red Raiders, but I won't hold that against them ; )

How could you not love that sweet puppy face?!?!?

We had a great time running around the historic section of Grapevine!! I can't wait until the big day in May!!

The Buchs and the Buchtas

I have two really great friends Kimberly and Angie and they have really great families!!! We set up portrait sessions for both families and it just so happened that we did the Buchs one day and the Buchtas the very next day!! It was really great to see them both, it had been too long!!!!!

The Buch Family - Slideshow

PS Kimberly was a little late for Christmas, but who can resist a super cute new baby in a red Santa suit!!!

The Buchta Family - Slideshow

Isabella's 3rd Birthday!!

I had a great time at Isabella's 3rd Birthday Party!!! I had the privilege of photographing her 2nd birthday last March, so when I was asked to shoot her birthday again this year I jumped on it!! She has really come out her shy shell from last year and wanted to show me all of her cool toys and introduce me to all of her friends. We had a blast as princesses!!

April 15, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Yes I know it has been a while, but I am here now and ready to blog away!!

So here is what has happened since we last spoke:
I went to Vegas for WPPI, a HUGE photo conference!!!!
Brad got sent half way around the world for work in mid March.....that is pretty poopie cause he won't be back until sometime in May (hopefully)
Had TONS of portrait sessions!!!
Had a blast at some great weddings to kick start the busy season!!
And best of all.....Lost 5% of my body fat at Mansfield Adventure Boot Camp!!! Yes I am going again this month, so I will keep you posted on my progress for this time around!!

March 6, 2008

Run, Michelle, Run!!!

So I was super proud of myself yesterday cause I shaved off a minute and a half off of my mile time!!! For those of you who have missed a couple blogs I am in Mansfield Adventure Boot Camp to work off some of the chub....Anyhow, I was Crazy Excited!!! I am soooo not gonna tell you what my times were cause it was still over 10 minutes, but maybe next time it will be really close to 10 if not under at the rate I am going!! YAY!!!!!

Just had to share my little victory!! : )

February 16, 2008

Jennifer & Richard

I am so excited for Jen and Richard!! Jen and I became instant friends back in January 2002 when we were both enrolled in our very first scuba diving class at UTA, where she also met this cute boy named Richard. So after dating for 6 years they finally decided to tie the knot!! I could not find a more perfect couple!! They have very similar interests, but are both great at keeping their individuality in thier relationship. Jen I love you and I am so happy that you finally married the man of your dreams!!!

Check out the slideshow!! The ceremony was at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church and the reception was held at Shady Valley Country Club, both in Arlington.

Jen has got to be one of the single most gorgeous brides I have ever had the honor to photograph.......well I may be biased, but you can't deny she's a hottie with stunning eyes!!

We definately had a blast at the Dallas Arboretum!!

New Logo!!!!!

YAY!!! After lots of changing and decision making and me being way picky, my new logo is finally here!!! I have to give mad props to Ross and Jo at Flosites!! They worked so hard and were so patient with me while I was a huge pain in the booty!! They really did a great Job on the new logo!!!! I can't wait to post it everywhere!! And the next thin they are workin on for me is my NEW BLOG!!! YAY no more generic blogger!! So look for that soon, and we all know I love mew things so that will spur me on to post more ; ) Anyhow, take a look and let me know what you think!!!!

February 15, 2008

Angela & Corey

Angela and Corey are sooo much fun!! I laugh all the time when I am with them!!! I am so glad I got to know them and had the honor of photographing their wedding! It was a very cute ceremony at Alexander Mansion in Garland. One day Corey and Angela are gonna come out and go bowling with Brad and I......I am excited to hang out, but not excited for Corey to smoke us all!! I seriously need bumpers when I play and he has scored a 300 before!!!!!

Check out the slideshow!!

And I finally get to post Angela's bridals also!! We didn't want Corey sneakin a peak ; )


Yeah, so I am a little crazy I comments on that please ; )

I enrolled in Boot Camp last week!! No not military boot's more like fat camp : P
I am definitely workin my booty off!! But I think my legs are going to DIE!! The first day was Tuesday when we did squats and lunges and more squats and more lunges, then on Wednesday we had our fitness test where we had to run a mile for time and do sit-ups and push-ups until we couldn't do them anymore!! I was actually surprised at how many push-ups I busted out with!! But anyway the really fun part is that it is everyday from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM. I didn't even know what 5:30 AM looked like!!!
Well if anyone is interested in joining me look it up at Metroplex Adventure Boot Camp our trainer Sam really is great! He is pushy without being maybe I will win the weight bet after all!!